The Effectiveness of Contextual Teaching and Learning Through Animated Films on Writing Dialogue Learning Results


  • Siti Khoirunnisa Agustin Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia
  • Nur Hanifah Insani Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia



This research was prompted by the challenges faced by students in composing Javanese dialogues. The aim of this research was to assess the efficacy of employing the Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) design, utilizing animated film media, on the writing results of Javanese dialogue among fifth-grade students at SD Negeri Cimanggu 03. This research employed a quantitative research approach utilizing a quasi-experimental design. The specific design utilized was a one-group pre-test post-test design. The participants consisted of fifth-grade students from Cimanggu 03 State Elementary School, totaling 29 individuals, who were both the population and sample of this research. Purposive sampling techniques were employed to select the sample due to the limited number of fifth-grade students at SD Negeri Cimanggu 03. Data collection techniques included observation, tests, and documentation. The effectiveness of the intervention was assessed using paired sample t-tests, yielding a p-value of 0.000, and the N-Gain test resulted in a score of 0.4724, indicating a moderate stage of effectiveness (0.30 ≤ g < 0.70). From this elucidation, it can be inferred that applicating the Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) instructional approach using animated film media can enhance the academic achievements of students at Cimanggu 03 State Elementary School. Consequently, it is anticipated that employing the Contextual Teaching Learning (CTL) technique with animated film media will favorablely influence the enhancement of learning results in dialogue writing.




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